DLF Employees Premier League 2017

Final match was played between National Devco Rangers Vs DLF 5 Sizzlers

DLF 5 could stay on turf for 17.4 overs, and scored 120 with best of bats from Dhiraj 39 and Gautam 25.  As this was expected the mega finals were started with dominance of bowlers from Devco as Ramesh Joshi took away 5 wickets.  Not just bowling the awesome display of fielding by Devco was treat to eye, specially the catch of Bharat Bhushan in very first over by Devco skipper Ajay Dahiya
In chase, Devco started off well with both top order batsman Nikhil and Dhruv played sensibly before DLF5 got sudden charge by their fielding and team efforts, they were able to bowled them all out in 16.2 overs with just 82 runs on board.
As a result, DLF 5 Sizzlers won this edition of DLF EPL by 38 runs.
Dhiraj of DLF 5 was chosen Man of the Match in the finals.
Best performances
Player of the Tournament : Dheeraj of DLF 5 (Scored 104 Runs, Taken 8 wickets)
Best Bowler : Dheeraj of DLF 5
Best Batsman : Gautam Arora of DLF 5
SF 1: Retail Warriors Vs National Devco Rangers
Devco scored 141 in their 15 overs, well contributed by Yogendra 60 of 37 balls and Ramesh 30 off 11 
In response Retails could only score 98 runs with highest contribution of 34 in 27 balls by Vaibhav, As Jatinder of Devco took-away 4 wickets in his 3 overs giving only 15 runs.
Devco won by 43 runs
Man of the Match: Yogendra Prashad of Devco
SF 2: DLF 5 Sizzlers vs Gurgaon Dynamos
DLF 5 with exceptional knock of 65 in just 15 balls by Atul and well balanced 78 off 42 by Gautam, gave a mammoth 208 total for team.
Dynamos could not go beyond 74 runs with highest being 31 off 15 balls faced by Vikas.
DLF 5 won by 134 runs 
Man of the Match: Atul Oberoi of DLF 5

Corporate Challenger Vs Retail Warriors

In our 1st Match of the season, we saw Corporate Challengers battling it out with Retail Warriors. The match got off to a flier with Retail Warriors posting a total of 127 runs on the board. With 127 as a target, Corporate Challengers started off to a good start but fizzled out on the way and could manage mere 91 runs.

Retail Warriors won their 1st match by 37 runs.

Amit from Retail Warriors was declared as the MoM for his contribution of 54 runs.


DLF 5 Sizzlers Vs Rocking Offices

2nd Match of the season saw DLF 5 Sizzlers in full form. DLF 5 Sizzlers posted a total of 131 runs at a loss of 9 wickets. While batting 2nd ,Rocking Offices could only manage 73 runs on the scoreboard.

DLF 5 Sizzlers won the match by 59 runs.

Dheeraj from  DLF 5 Sizzlers was declared the MoM for his contribution. (41 runs)


National Devco Rangers Vs  New Gurgaon Fighters

In the 3rd match National Devco Rangers won against New Gurgaon Fighters by 8 wickets.

In return New Gurgaon Fihters gave a tough fight but could only manage 84 runs.

Joshi from National Devco Rangers was declared the MoM for his fine contribution. (36 runs)


Gurgaon Dynamos Vs  Lodhi Wizzards

Last match saw Gurgaon Dynamos & Lodhi Wizzzards fighting it out. Gurgaon Dynamos won against Lodhi Wizzards by NRR (bad lights ).

Yash from Lodhi Wizzards was declared the MoM for his fine contribution. (58 runs)

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