off site that work

whether convening at a resort or in a conference room down the hall, almost all management teams spend a day to a week every year away from their regular responsibilities to plan for the future

Team outs can also be used for Sales meet, Review meets – quarterly, half yearly, annually. Rewards & Recognition and Goal setting for the next period. Needless to say that it comes along with some action – Adventure sports, Jungle Safari, Team Activities, Evening BBQ’s and Bonfire

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We understand the need for some Offers available for an impromptu or a planned trip at a personal level. Presenting collection that can be offered at various locations.  Should you feel location is good for your team, we can customise Best Offer

we understand the need – the logistics – the agenda

we have the venue – the team – the concepts

we offer you the best in terms of venue – logistics – event management

Team Out  – meant to unwind, unleash the team from the daily grind. Feel of the outdoors, rush of adrenaline and camaraderie for something different. Let the thoughts flow freely both ways and Align to the theme.

We endeavor to add some thrill and customise a perfect team out that offers – Team Bonding. Afterall.. NONE of us is as smart as ALL of us

Team outs leaves an impact on the areas like interpersonal relationships, trust, camaraderie, team bonding. It also gives an opportunity to the team to fine tune to the “Tune”


Offsites are conducted in an informal environment away from workplace but close to the nature so team feel relaxed as a relaxed mind is able to receive and comprehend more. Team out in an outdoor situation creates bonding that last and carried forward in the working environment to bring in desired results.

Team tend to loose their inhibition and to the extent shed their mark when exposed to a relaxed and unfamiliar environment say a campsite, resort, a luxury resort. One never knew that our team has a good singer, a great dancer or a comedian. Well … Talent is Exposed


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