SPORTS MITRA  welcomes your participation into “Wicket2Wicket” T20,  Cricket Championship (Season 3) at Noida

  • Twenty 20 format matches with colored kits
  • Round robin leagues (4) followed by knockout
  • 14 Color event dress to all teams
  • Exciting prizes to be won including a domestic Holiday package to winning team
  • Prizes for best individual players



Enjoy the best of corporate cricket at our Noida facility equipped with best in region flood lights, and a turf wicket which gives you pleasure of playing at A Class turf.

There will be multiple pools of 5 team each, hence giving 4 leagues to all teams.  You play all your matches between 4 pm – 10:30pm only to avoid high day temperature



Wicket2Wicket Season 2 (2017)
Participants 2017

Pool A (Corporate) Pool B (Mix) Pool C (Mix)
Metro Rovers Cricket Club Black Hawks (BH)
FIS Artxl D11
Maruti NRW (SC) Strickers (NS)
Sentieo Dtox WCE
Mercer Trishul Blues Cricket Club (BCC)
Aristocrat Brickwin LTC



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